Richmond and KZN 2013.

Mapalane Nature Reserve

This was the first time that we'd visited this Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Reserve which is situated on the coast just south of St Lucia. However as there's an estuary with no bridge between the reserve and St Lucia you have to do 45 km on dirt roads from the N2 and the last 15km is along a single track with some steep zig zags and plenty of potholes. The road gets muddy if there's any rain so a 4x4 is advisable.

Darryl, the husband of our neice Carol, was also visiting the Reserve, with his friend John, and there were also some other folk from Richmond there for the fishing. Very pleasant company!

Darryl fishing.

Home-made canoes used for poaching. These had been confiscated by KZN rangers and the covers removed from the frames.

Darryl and John fishing from a sandbank. No-one seemed to have much luck catching anything while we were there.

I saw this baby bushbuck early one morning at the campsite. It came gamboling up close to me on a couple of occasions before dashing back to mum.

Mum and baby bushbuck disappearing into the bush and a red duiker in the foreground.

This was the only day that it wasn't windy on the beach. We had a walk at low tide.

An enjoyable evening with Darryl and John and our camping neighbours, Graham and Kate.

We saw bushbabies every evening at our campsite - and heard them during the night.


Steam Open Day.

There's a Model Engineering Society in Pietermaritzburg which has a narrow gauge track. They have an open day on the first Sunday of the month.

There were steam engines of various sizes. Some were giving rides to visitors.

There were other steam powered vehicles and stationary engines on show as well.


Bob and Lesley

We visited our friends, Bob and Lesley, who have moved recently from Albert Falls to Hilton, on the outskirts of Pietermaritzburg. The house is quite unusual for South Africa with lots of nooks and crannies, we really liked it.

The house and part of the garden.

Lunch on the veranda overlooking the garden.


Richmond Cross-Country Bike Ride.

Veronica, Mark and Jason took part in this event at the Richmond Country Club on a Sunday in August. Veronica completed the course - it took her a couple of hours - but both Jason and Mark's bikes had problems so they didn't get all the way round but they all had a great time.

Veronica, Mark and Jason on their bikes.

Veronica just after completing the course -and removing her helmet!


Umlalazi Nature Reserve.

We took our great-nephews, Jason and Mark, away for a long weekend to Umlalazi so that they could have a couple of days fishing. We were unlucky with the weather with a day of drizzle but that didn't stop the twins fishing for most of the day! Luckily their dad had taught them well and they were happy to fish on their own - in fact they ended up helping other people.

They both did very well and caught more fish than anyone else. They caught 10 fish on Friday, another 10 on Saturday and 5 fish on Sunday morning. Most of the fishes were small and so were released back into the lagoon.

Jason with a cob.

Fish caught:
cob, mullet, thorn fish, spotted grunter, toby

Mark with a spotted grunter.

Fish caught:
mullet, thorn fish, cob, bone fish, toby, spotted grunter, eel

The second day was brighter and we went for a walk along the Mangrove Trail. Despite being low tide the path was muddy and slippery and although we managed to cross the first bridge we had to turn back as the second bridge over an inlet was no longer there.

A muddy track through the mangrove trees.

We were very glad that we had a good awning which was large enough for all of us to sit under and keep dry.

Easter. Veronica's 21st. Catherynn, Hayden, Connah & Nathan's visit. The Mudman Event.

July/August. Visits to Mapalane Nature Reserve and Umlalazi Nature Reserve.

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Mark and Jason crossing over the bridge.

The bridge wasn't in a good condition .....