Stoney Ridge 4x4 Driving Course - Monday

We spent the morning at the camp. John got out all his recovery kit which we all had a good look at. We then considered different ways of replacing a tyre. Dave had got a gaget which was intended to help get the tyre off the rim so we tried it out (he's never used it) and it did help us to get a couple of tyre levers under the tyre. John then showed us the easiest way to de-bead a tyre - by driving over it!!

Having sucessfully removed the tyre we then had the task of putting it back on.... We found that using a compressor didn't put air quickly enough into the tyre so resorted to the air bag which worked a treat.

Johan had heard about a method of re-beading a tyre using lighter fluid so we tried it - it didn't work!

Later John showed us how to re-tension a winch cable. John and Kev had a look at our winch and discovered that the earth lead was disconnected (it must have happened when the wheel came off a couple of weeks ago) so Kev was able to fix it and we were able to re-wind thecable back into place.

Finally we took our trucks into the river by the camp to gve them a bit of a clean after going through all that mud yesterday and then re-inflated the tyres ready for our journey home.

After a late lunch (lovely food once again) we said goodbye and set off home.

We've had a great weekend, learnt a lot and made lots of new friends. We can certainly recommend Stoney Ridge to anyone who wants to learn how to drive off road properly and what's more - responsibly!




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