Stoney Ridge 4x4 Driving Course - Saturday

We had breakfast at 8am and were in the 'classroom' soon after 9am. John went though a few points, we spent some time discussing various issues and then went out to have a look at all the vehicles, checking the engine, recovery positions, recovery gear and vehicle adaptations for life in the bush. While looking over our engine someone noticed that there was a split in the pipe going to the air filter - soon temporarily mended with a bit of duck tape.

We started off with a few reminders about what to look for when going through uneven terrain. The stream crossing was more difficult that it appeared at first as there was a steep step to get out of the water.

The next task was to get up an short steep section - MUCH harder than it looked at first because of all the loose rock and a couple of large boulders near the top. We ended up having to help several of the trucks to get to the the top.

Richard's Hyundi had a low ground clearance and got stuck on a rock. We packed rocks under the vehicle and he had a tow to help him ease up the slope. (Bonnet raised for safety in case the tow rope snaps).

Dave also got stuck on a boulder. John showed us a different recovery method - using rocks to raise the front wheels.

Christo had no problem with this slope.




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