Stoney Ridge 4x4 Driving Course - Sunday

Another 8am breakfast and then we were out in our vehicles all day.

We had to tackle the same rocky slope that we did yesterday (before going on to the steeper, longer hill). Out truck again had problems - not having a diff. lock makes it much harder to cope with loose rock as the wheels are constantly spinning out.

This time I was driving and rather than battling my way to the top (which Kev managed yesterday) I was towed up. John had intended to show us a 'self- recovery' using a tree with our winch but after pulling the winch cable out Kev discovered that it wasn't working so couldn't be re-wound.

Barry and Kevin checking out the winch to see if they could find why it wasn't working.

We had to re-wind the winch by hand and strap it onto the front of the truck.

Getting to the top of the big hill caused problems for lots of us so we had plenty of opportunities to try out a variety of recovery techniques.


In the afternoonwe went across the river by the camp...

...and then down a steep bank to another river.

Mark's landrover got well and truly stuck in the mud so we had another recovery opportunity.Tthis time John explained that a snatch recovery was necessary in order to make sure that the towing vehicle didn't get bogged down in the mud.

Then we had to negociate a 'mud puddle.' Most people got stuck but got out with directions from John.

It must have taken me 20 minutes to get out of this situation. John, as even, was extremely patient and encouraging and by following his instructions (and some help with spades and reeds from the watchers!) I did eventually get the truck out of the mud.

This truck got grounded in some deep tracks so we used an airbag to lift up the rear of the track. Putting logs under the back wheels didn't help so we ended up pushing the vehicle forward off the bag and then repeating this process until it was free.




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