Stoney Ridge Offroad Academy, South Africa.

 Once we'd decided to do some travelling in Southern Africa we also agreed that we needed to learn how to drive offroad.  The 3 courses that we've done have been invaluable to us during our travels. It's not just about the techniques that you learn but also the confidence that it gives you to go out into the bush on your own but to also know your limitations and when it's safer to go in a group.          

1.  Basic 4x4 Course (Levels 1, 2 and 3) 

   After buying the Prado at the end of 2007 we booked ourselves onto a course at Stoney Ridge at the end of January 2008.   Colin (Kevin's brother-in-law) also booked the same course.   

2. Sand Driving Course. 

During the 4x4 course we learned that John was doing a sand driving course in Mozambique later that year so we booked ourselves onto that course.   

3. Advanced 4x4 Course (Levels 4 and 5)

In  2009 we did this course at Stoney Ridge which included more advanced driving and learing more about recovery techniques. 

Last updated: November 2020