Our UK Van - Autosleeper Kingham

 On returning to the UK in 2016 we stayed with my sister, Di, as our house in Todington was rented out. Once I'd seen the doctors at the Churchill hospital in Oxford and they had recommended 3 monthly check-ups and scans we decided to buy a vehicle so that we could do some travelling in Europe.

Our van at a small campsite in the Yorkshie Dales.

We decided that we definately wanted a vehicle with a fixed rear bed and started off visiting several showrooms. Initially we mainly looked at motorhomes but then started to see a few panel vans with fixed rear beds. They are slightly narrower than motorhomes and have a large sliding door which we prefer. 

Once we saw the Kingham we dicided that it was just what we were looking for so then started looking for second hand ones. We got this one from Marquis in Tewkesbury


Inside the van - kitchen area.

 The kitchen has a small oven, 3 burner hob, sink,   microwave and plenty of drawers and cupboards. Opposite the cooker is a fridge.

Inside the van - bed and bathroom.

 The fixed bed at the back - a bit smaller than a double but we find it very comfortable.  The shower/toilet is on the right.

Inside the van - front sitting area.

 The two front seats swivel round and there is also a long seat opposite the door.  It's lovely when it's too cold to sit outside but you can sit inside with the door open.   

These 3 photos were taken in the evening so all the blinds are drawn. 

Last updated: November 2020