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2. Yorkshire Dales.


We'd arranged to meet our friends Paul and Jella at Dent in the Yorkshire Dales before carrying on to Hawes where Paul was taking a melodian course. After that they went back to the Lake District and we spent another week in the Yorkshire Dales.

The Dent valley. 

Our van next to Paul and Jella's winnebago

 Dent caravan park. Our van looks tiny compared to Paul and Jella's Winnebago!

Paul, Kevin and me at the talbe in the winnebago

Plenty of room inside Bertha (their winnebago) for all of us to sit and have a meal.

Cobbled street in Dent

Dent is a lovely old village with some very narrow cobbled streets. 

Dent station

Dent station  is the highest mainline station in England and is on the Settle to Carlisle line.


 The melodian course was held at Hawes Countryside Museum. Hawes is in Wensleydale, which is probably the most famous of the Dales and we were able to park in the car park for the weekend.

On Saturday morning we had a look around the museum which had plenty of exhibits showing the past history of the area, primarily farming and mining.  In the afternoon, while Paul was at his course, the rest of us went for a walk to Hardraw.

Agricultural implements in the museum

Displays in the useum

Jella and Gracie (her dog) on a footbridge

The River Ure


 We spend a couple of hours visiting Richmond Castle which is at the eastern end of the Dales.There were great views of the town centre and the River Swales from the top of the tower.

Richmond castle

Town square from the tower

Another view of the town centre from the tower

The River Swale.

Upper Wharfedale 

This is probably one of the lesser-known Dales so we managed to find a lovely quiet farm campsite. We had fantastic weather and were able to get out walking and cycling and had BBQs every day!

Upper Wharfdale

From Buckden we walked up the hill and had a great view of the valley with the village of Starbottom below us.

The River Wharf

 After a pint at the pub in Starbottom we walked back alongside the River Wharfe to our campsite.

Kevin sitting outside the van at the campsite

Our campsite at Buckden.

burgers, bacon, buns and skewers on the braai.

Burgers for our evening meal.

Me on my bike.

Nice quiet back roads.

Grassington village centre



Malham has to be one of the most popular area of the Yorkshire Dales and one that we've visited on several occasions but not for several years so we parked up, walked to Malham Cove and then up the cliff and along the valley to Malham Tarn.


 Malham is a pretty little village with Malham Beck flowing though it.

Kevin by the river at Malham Cove.

Malham Cove.  

 Malhan Beck appearing from a cave at the bottom of the cliff.

 Malhan Beck appears from a cave at the bottom of the cliff. 

There's a new path to the top of the Cove. Looking back down the valley towards Malham village.

following the dry river upstream

From the top of the Cove we followed the dry river upstream for a few kilometres.

Near Malham Tarn this stream disappears underground.

Near Malham Tarn this stream disappears underground. For many years it was thought to be the river that appeared at the bottom of the Cove but it actually enters Malham Beck further downstream.

Ribblehead Viaduct.

 The Ribblehead viaduct was built between 1870 and 1874 during the construction of the 72 mile stretch of the Settle to Carlisle railway. The viaduct is 400m (440 yards) long with 24 arches spanning across Batty Moss. During construction the navies were housed in camps close to the viaduct with some interesting names - Sebastopol, Belgravia and Batty Wife Hole.

Ribblehead viaduct.

Ribblehead viaduct.

Ribblehead Station

 Ribblehead Station which also has an interesting museum.

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