UK. 2019

1. South-East. Burston hill, Grafham Water, Ringstead and The Chiltern Hills.

Burston Hill

We based ourselves here and, during that time, visited other places in the area. Di and David have 2 grandchildren currently, Bertie and Teddy and enjoy seeing them regularly. Edit  Nov 2020 - they now have 4 grandchildren! 

Rainbow over the farm.

Bertie and Teddy helping in the garden.

Enjoying cooling off.

Tandy likes to visit us in the van.

Grafham Water 

We stayed at a small campsite near Grafham Water on a couple of occasions. The first time we had warm sunny weather but hadn't taken our bikes so walked across fields and the lake to the village of Perry on the southern shore of the lake. The second time we did take the bikes. It was much colder but one morning we did cycle around the lake.


Our nephew James invited us to stay with them over the Easter weekend and go to their local Point-to-Point. We had fantastic weather - 3 days of sunshine over a bank holiday weekend!

 Sadly, due to the hot weather probably, there were not many runners in any of the races.

 On Easter Sunday we all went for a walk at Stanwick Lakes, a few miles south of Ringstead.

 James helping Bertie to get going on his bike

 James helping Bertie to get going on his bike

Bertie on a balance beam at the adventure playground

Part of an adventure playground at Stanwick.

We spent 3 days in Bruges with my sister Di, and her husband, David. We travelled on the Eurostar from London to Brussels and then took another train to Bruges where we stayed in a small hotel not far from the centre - but nice and quiet. We were very lucky with the weather, it was cold but as we had plenty of sunshine so were able to do lots of walking around the town. We've been to Bruges on several occassions but it was the first time for Di and David.

Bruges is often referred to as 'The Venice of the North' due to its numerous canals.A swan beside one of the lakes.

A BBQ in James and Sophie's garden.

A lovely end to the day - BBQ with the family.

The Chiltern Hills 

We know the northern part of The Chilterns quite well but this time went a bit further south. The Chiltern Hills is a chalk escarpment with rolling hills and valleys with some lovely old villages, several are used in films and TV series. We were lucky with the weather and were able to have a couple of good walks through the countryside.

Fileds with a herd of deer in the distance

 We saw a couple of herds of deer on our walks.

Beech woods

Beech woods are a feature of The Chilterns.

Turville village

Turville village


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