Mozambique and Kruger 2008 - Mozambique 1: Sand Driving Course

At the border we met up with John Rich from Stoney Ridge Off Road Driving Academy as this was the start of our 3 day Sand Driving Course. (Back in January we did a 4x4 driving course at Stoney Ridge). We had a great time learning how to drive up, down and across sand hills and learnt a lot, which we were able to put to good used later on. As before John was unfailingly patient with us and constantly reassuring. We did all the driving at a large 'sand-pit' near the road between the border and our campsite at Ponta Malongane.

As well as running the course John, ably supported by his wife Sue, did all the cooking and made some terrific meals over an open fire.

On the second day we progressed to harder slopes and all had problems trying to get across one particular slope. Several recoveries were necessary - this is the first one where we had to use a second vehicle to pull the stuck vehicle round 90 degrees so it could then back down the slope - it was too steep and the sand too soft for it to be pulled out forwards.

Tracey, who we met back in January, had the lightest vehicle, a 4 litre Jeep, and nearly made it with John getting her to go back and forth until she had a 'runway'.

Another recovery. This time we were able to swing the truck round using man-power!





A well earned rest around the camp fire.

Mkhuze Game Reserve (South Africa)
Mozambique 1: Sand driving course
Mozambique 2: South coast beaches
Mozambique 3: Inland to the Kruger
Kruger National Park, South Africa

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