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Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Reserves 2010 - Umlalazi

We'd visited Umlalazi last year for a couple of days when Diana and David were visiting and stayed in one of the cabins. This time we camped. During the holiday periods it gets very busy here but at this time of the year it's very quiet, in fact for the first night we were the only people at the campsite.


We went for a walk alongside the lagoon through the mangrove forest (as we'd done last year). This time the tide was higher and the ground was very muddy. As I was only wearing my sandals I ended up taking them off and walking barefoot through the mud!

Rather than returning to the campsite we then followed a path through the heavily wooded dunes to the mouth of the Umlalazi river.



After 4 km or so we followed the path down to the river and had another km or so to go to reach the mouth of the river.

The beach was deserted. We walked back along the beach to the camp and only saw 1 other person.

The water was warmer than I'd expected so I had a swim.

There were lots of these red duikers around the campsite. They are normally very shy but these had obviously got used to being around people.

1. Umlalazi

2. False Bay

3. Ndumo

4. Cape Vidal


















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