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Zimbabwe 2010.

Having read in a couple of magazines that it was safe to visit Zimbabwe and that fuel and food were available we decided to see for ourselves. We spent 3 weeks in Zimbabwe and had a wonderful time. It's a beautiful country and the people are so friendly and welcoming.

I'd found it difficult to get up-to-date information about campsites in Zimbabwe but had discovered that there were several National and Recreational Parks so I used the Zimbabwe Parks website to find out more. We visited 3 of their parks and enjoyed them all however much of the information on the website is very out of date with regards to campsite facilities.

I also contacted Dick and Sally Pitman of Zim 4x4 who offer tours and advice for travellers in Northern Zimbabwe. We found their advice very helpful.

1, Kokomori Bush Camp, South Africa

2. Matopos National Park

3. Lake Cunningham

4. Great Zimbabwe Ruins

5. Lake Chivero

6. Lake Kariba

7. Chizarira National Park

8. Victoria Falls

9. Senyati Safari Camp. Botswana

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