Imfolozi Wilderness Trail 2010 - Friday

Once again I was up in time to see the sunrise.

Before breakfast several guys arrived with half a dozen donkeys which are used to transport the food and our belongings between the base camp (where we left our vehicles) and the trail campsite.

Originally the donkeys stayed at the trail camp in a kraal (a small circular fence- in area) but a couple of times donkeys were attacked by lions in the night so now they are always kept near the base camp and go to the trail camp on the first and last day of each trail.

On our way back we once again revisited the buffalo carcass. As we approached slowly along the river bank we saw a hyena crossing the river towards us.

When it heard us it stopped....

....and soon decided to beat a retreat.

Once again I was near the back but this time the lion that Ian spotted stayed there long enough for everyone to see it.

It was a young male so not one of the ones at the kill 2 days ago. After a short while it ran off into the nearby reeds.

The carcass had still not been eaten.


We had plenty of rest stops where we could have a drink and enjoy the solitude.

We could see a giraffe in the distance near our route so we stopped to get some photos.

However the giraffe wasn't in the least bothered by us and as we walked along the track just watched us passing by!

Once back at the base camp we had lunch, exchanged email addresses and said goodbye. We'd been lucky enough to have good companions on our trail who we hope to meet again sometime. It's certainly a different experience to be walking in the bush rather than driving around. It can be a bit nerve racking as you never know where animals might be but we loved it and hope to do it again. Although several Parks offer morning walks this is the only one that includes camping, and listening to the night sounds when there are no fences between you and the animals is wonderful.

We drove back to Mpila camp and discovered that our 'tented' accommodation was a bit more than just a tent. There was a partially covered deck area, a separate kitchen (on the right) and a bathroom behind the bedroom.

Later in the afternoon we had a drive around the park.

Buffalo heading for the shade of the reeds.

White rhino


On Saturday morning we left the Park at 8am and drove to King Shaka International airport to pick up D

iana (my sister) and David who were due to arrive for their 3 weeks in South Africa.















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