Imfolozi Wilderness Trail 2010 - Thursday

I was up in time to see the sunrise. Someone told us that you can tell the difference between a photo of the sunrise and the sunset - but didn't tell us what it was!! - any ideas??

Our walk today was longer than yesterday but still not too strenuous with plenty of rest stops. We went to 3 different lookout points above the meandering White Imfolozi River.

Lookout point 1.

At each lookout point we saw animals going down to drink and often spotted animals in the bush as well.

It was interesting to watch their approach to the water. Many of the animals would wait for a while a hundred metres or so away and then nervously make their way towards it, looking carefully around all the time. Some made a run for it from 30m away. Often they would get spooked by something and dash away.


Lookout point 2.

Ian showing us the remains of 3 furnaces than were used by the Zulus to smelt iron ore to make spears and tools.

Near the 3rd lookout point we dropped down a steep path to a small overhand to look at this cave painting.


Another great view from the 3rd lookout point, where we had our lunch stop. Just before we set off Ruurd spotted an elephant down below in the distance and then I spotted a second one. We all hoped that our route back might take us nearer to them but Ian decided on an alternative route as he thought they might be in must and therefore very dangerous.

On our way back to camp we revisited the buffalo carcass hoping, of course, that the lions would be there. However, although there was plenty of evidence of animal activity around the carcass it was still almost complete.

It looked as if the lions had tried, unsuccessfully, to drag it out of the mud.

Every day, on arriving at the camp, we would have a drink and 'camp bread' which the cooks had made during the day in a pit oven - very tasty.











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