Diana and David's visit to South Africa 2010 - Kruger National Park

Diana and David wanted to return to the Kruger after their visit last year. This time I managed to get a couple of nights at Lower Sabie Rest Camp (S25 07.163 E31 54.925) and then a night at Satara (S24 23.585 E31 46.636).

Sunrise at Lower Sabie.

We did quite a bit of driving around the Park, stopping to watch animals and birds at every opportunity. These are just a few of the memorable sights that we saw (lots of David's photos as his zoom is much better than mine!).

Our best drive was when we saw leopards on 3 separate occasions - amazing! Our first sighting was of 2 leopards close to the road. There were no other vehicles there which was great. Later we saw 4 cheetahs resting further away in the bush and then another one on its own. The second and third sightings were 'easy' as there were other vehicles there but, fortunately, not to many of them.

2 cheetahs. We thought that the further one was 'mum' as she was very calm whereas the one in front was always moving its head or rolling over.

A group of 4 cheetahs. We could clearly see the huge belly of the second from the right so it looked like they'd recently eaten.

We spent a long time watching this colourful tree agama.

A water monitor sunbathing on the rocks.

Giraffe always look so graceful and seem to move in slow motion.

This is a female. You can tell because her 'horns' are not straight.

A steenbok.

A bushbuck.

A large group of impala near a waterhole.

A water thick-knee appeared while we were sat outside at Lower Sabie. It completely ignored us - look how close it got to Kevin.

Vultures feeding on on a carcass.

Hippos sunning themselves.

Burchall's coucal.

Brown snake eagle (I think) with a chick.

We saw several elephants, several were on their own but others were in family groups. This was the largest group that we saw near a dam.

Our accommodation at Satara Rest Camp.

1. Richmond.

2. Giant's Castle and Royal Natal Reserves, Drakensberg, KwaZulu-Natal.

3. Rorke's Drift, Isandlwana and Blood RIver battlefields, KwaZulu-Natal.

4. Hlane Royal National Park,, Swaziland.

5. Kruger National Park.

6. Arathusa Safari Lodge, Sabi Sand Game Reserve.

7. Drakensberg Escarpment, Mpumalanga.

8. Johannesburg.


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