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Richmond to Cape Town via the coast 2011 - The Wild Coast

The Wild Coast is a beautiful area with undulating hills and wonderful sandy bays between spectacular cliffs. It was a good time to visit the area, still warm and very green after the Summer rains.

The Wild Coast is the area between Port Edward and East London.

During apartheid this area was known as the Transkei and was where many blacks were translocated to - Nelson Mandela was brought up in the Transkei.

There are a few tar roads in the area but the majority are gravel roads, some good but others full of potholes and gullies so it can take some time to drive through the area.

The Wild Coast is still mostly inhabited by Xhosa people who still live a very rural life.

Walking is the main form of getting to and from school.

There is electricity is some areas but water is either collected from rivers or there might be a standpipe in some places.

Coffee Bay is a small town on the coast.

A few kilometres south of Coffee Bay is 'Hole in the Wall'.

The beach near the campsite at Hole in the Wall often had cows, goats and donkeys on the sand as well as locals and visitors. We swam in the sea here - actually we just stood up in the sea and tried to avoid being overturned by the waves.

Further south we stayed at Dwesa Nature Reserve. Once again the scenery was superb

1. The Wild Coast.

2. Port Elizabeth and the Garden Route.

3. The Overberg and the Cape Peninsula.

Diary (word '97 document)


A family of Egyptian geese at the campsite at Port St Johns.

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