Mozambique, June 2012 - Beaches.

A. Biques Camp, Beira.

The first 60km of the road from the En1 / EN6 junction towards Beira is definitely the WORST stretch of road that we've travelled on (so far) in Southern Africa with big potholes right across the road. It makes the Great North Road in Zambia seem almost easy!

Beautiful sandy beaches but the sea wasn't very clear here so, apart from one quick dip, we didn't go in the sea.

The small campsite is right next to the beach - and also next to a busy bar and restaurant. We were warned by the manager when we arrived that there was loud music every Friday and Saturday night but, foolishly we stayed - and didn't get much sleep. Friday the music started at 9pm and went on until 4am and on Saturday it was from 9pm until 6am on Sunday!!

We had an excellent view of the beach from our site, however on our last night the wind got up and with no shelter almost took the flysheet off.

We often bought fish and prawns either from a fish shop or from locals suggested to us by the campsite managers.- not cheap but delicious!

During the day we enjoyed watching the local people fishing. Every day small canoes would go out fishing and return with tiny fish that the locals dry and then sell. We also saw several people using different methods of fishing from the shore.

We saw these 2 guys every morning as the tide was coming in, walking parallel to the shore with a net between them.

This guy had a net on a hoop and he would kick sand into the net as the waves rolled in.

B. Hotel Seta Tourist Complex, Inhassoro, just north of Vilanculos.

Inhassaro is a tiny village a short walk from the resort. We enjoyed wandering around the narrow alleyways that made up the local market as we weren't hassled at all by anyone (unlike our time at Vilanculos market).

The Complex was next to the beach with the campsite set amongst shady trees just behind the beach.

The local fishermen here worked together to pull in the nets.

The sea was much clearer here so I did go for a swim.

C. Blue Water Bay, near Vilanculos.

Another resort next to the sea with the campsite set amongst trees behind the beach. The sea was very clear so we both swam every day.

At low tide there was a huge expanse of sand for wandering around on.

There was a beautifully kept infinity pool.


D. Ponta da Barra Lighthouse Campsite, Barra, near Inhambane.

This was our favourite site in Mozambique. It had everything that we wanted -a peaceful, beautiful location with great views, sandy beaches, rocks pools at low tide, bars within walking distance (but far enough away to not be noisy) and Dennis, a very welcoming and helpful owner.

The campsite is set amongst the trees on a sandy hill beside the lighthouse. This shot is taken at low tide.

The beach on the other side of the headland has lots of rock pools at low tide - some of the bigger pools were good for snorkeling.

On some evenings Dennis offers to cook for guests. We had a delicious meal of calamari stuffed with prawns, potatoes, rice and salad followed by a boozy trifle for only R100 each .

Our fellow campers, Dietmar, Walter & Chris from Germany and Jo, staying at a nearby lodge, from South Africa shared the meal that Dennis provided.

Chatting to Dennis, his son Russ and the 2 Jo's from Gordon's Bay at our site overlooking the bay and waiting for the sun to go down.

We saw some lovely sunsets from our campsite.

Here the local fishermen formed a circle of large and small boats to catch fish.

Dennis arranged for Chris to go out fishing with the locals in their small boats and he came back with this yellowfin tuna.

Once it had been filleted he was kind enough to give us some. We cooked it on the braai and it was wonderful. Kevin never used to like fish but this trip to Moz has changed his mind and he now loves braai-ed fish!

1. Gorongosa National Park.

2. Mozambique Beaches.


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