Botswana, September 2013 - Khwai Community Wildlife Area

We had a wonderful 4 days based at the Magotho Campsite. We were able to stay at site 1 which had a great view across the river and saw plenty of animals from our site. Some days the elephants were around for hours browsing amongst the grasses in the river.

There are no facilities at all at the camp so you have to take all your own water. You're advised not to collect water from the river as there are plenty of hippo and crocodiles around.

These young vervet monkeys were having a great time bouncing up and down on the branches.

Five of a group of 8 lionesses that we watched for a couple of hours. For the most part they just lay in the shaded, occasionally lifting their heads and sometimes standing up.

There were several other vehicles watching the lionesses. One of them tried to cross the river and got well and truly stuck.

Initially one of the other safari trucks tried to help out but when the driver got out to attach the tow rope the lionesses started getting interested so another vehicle went over to act as a screen. Eventually the truck was towed out.

Although it was the dry season there were still several river crossings to negotiate in order to get around the area.

We had some lovely bird sightings during or time at Khwai.

A wood owl.

A pair of wattled cranes.

One of a family of 5 ground hornbills.

A carmine bee-eater.


1. Khama Rhino Sanctuary and Kubu Island.

2. Khwai Community Wildlife Area.

3. Savuti, Chobe National Park.

4. Senyati Safari Camp.


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