Botswana, September 2013 - Khama Rhino Sanctuary and Kubu Island

1a. Khama Rhino Sanctuary

We, once again, enjoyed staying at the campsite at Khama. We were only able to have a couple of short drives around the Reserve and, as it was very windy, there was a lot of dust blowing around on the open areas so all the animals were staying in the bush.

We stopped at a sheltered waterhole which has a hide where we did see plenty of birds and some animals.

A group of impala at the waterhole.

A warthog enjoying a mud bath with a few guinea-fowl around.

Under the water tap at the campsite there was a concrete basin which we kept filled with water as it was regularly used by a pair of tree squirrels and lots of birds.

A spurfowl with 4 tiny chicks - regular visitors!

One of the tree squirrels


1b Kubu Island.

We drove from Khama Rhino Sanctuary to Maun via Kubu Island, crossing some of the huge salt pans. It was September so there was no water in the pans and when it was windy the dust blowing across them was like fine talcum powder - it got everywhere!

Sometimes we had to drive along narrow, sandy tracks with thorny acacia trees scratching our lovely new vehicle!

The open grassy areas were much easier to drive through.

Driving across one of the dusty pans.

A huge baobab tree and an information board at the edge of Kubu Island.

Between Kubu Island and Gweta, we crossed this huge pan. Luckily there wasn't much wind so we could see where we were going but were glad that we'd got the GPS to help out. In the distance are a couple of ostriches!


1. Khama Rhino Sanctuary and Kubu Island.

2. Khwai Community Wildlife Area.

3. Savuti, Chobe National Park.

4. Senyati Safari Camp.


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Red-eyed bulbuls were frequent visitors to our campsite at Khama Rhino Sanctuary.