Namibia, July / August 2014 - Etosha National Park.

For me a visit to Etosha is a highlight of our trips to Namibia so I purposely made it our final destination for Di and David's time in Namibia. We spent 2 nights at Okaukuejo and 1 night at Halali and had some great animal sightings.

The waterhole at Okaukuejo Camp, as always during the dry season, was constantly visited by animals throughout the day.

Old bull elephants spent hours at the waterhole.

A pair of oryx (gemsbok) pushing each other around.

A lot of people won't stay at the campsites inside the park as they say that it's too expensive. Perhaps so but one of the highlights is being able to sit by the floodlit waterhole in the evening which is only possible if you're staying at the Rest Camp.

Giraffe at the waterhole just before sunset.

A glorious sunset!

As we drove towards Gemsbokvlake waterhole we saw several vehicles nearby and then spotted 2 lions nearby. It looked like they’d already visited the waterhole so we parked a little way away and were delighted when they made their way straight towards us. One walked past directly in front of us and then other behind us - great!

We also had good sightings of birds.

A secretary bird chasing something in the grass.

A lilac-breasted roller on the lookout for food.

3 lionesses at Homob waterhole.

We spotted this black rhino near Homob.

Wildebeest making their way across the salt pan.

A hyena at the floodlit Halali waterhole.

We saw black rhino both evenings at Okaukuejo and at Halali.

1.Luderitz . We stopped at Aus for a couple of nights and visited Kolmanskop, Ludertiz, Diaz Point and the Garub Wild Horses.

2. Namib-Naukluft South. We had a night at Little Hunters Camp in the Tirasberg, did a wild cat walk at Hamerstein Lodge, explored Sesriem Canyon and went to see the sunrise at Sossusvlei.

3. Namib-Naukluft North. We stopped at Rostock Ritz, stayed 2 nights in the Namib-Naukluft Park Northern Section and did a Living Desert Tour.

4. Skeleton Coast. We visited the Cape Cross Seal Colony and drove up The Skeleton Coast.

5. Twefelfontein. We spent a morning at Twefelfontein Rock Art Site and then visited the Organ Pipes.

6. Etosha National Park. We stayed at Okaukuejo Camp for 2 nights then had a night at Halali Camp.

Although you see fewer animals at Halali you are closer to to the waterhole.


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