Kruger National Park, South Africa 2014 - Fishing.

We stopped at 3 dams on the way to Kruger and 2 on the way back.

1. Chelmsford Dam Nature Reserve, south of Newcastle. We'd spent several days here with the boys earlier this year so made this our first and last night's camp. They had a great time here making catching plenty of fish and getting lots of advice - and bait - from some of the other very friendly guys fishing there.

2. Hein's Farm, north of Ermelo. A dead loss as a fishing stopover as the dam was small with no fish and no shade.

3. Klaserie Dam, south of Hoedspruit. A large dam with a couple of campsites. We prefer the one which is on a linked island'.

4. Mahawane Dam, just north of Volksrust. A large dam which looked to have good fishing however we had showers and thunderstorms for most of the afternoon and evening so not much fishing got done.

Altogether the boys caught 20 fish - 10 each!


The twins' favourite dam was Chelmsford. They caught grass carp, glass carp, barbel and scalies. The rods on stands belonged to another fisherman who spent lots of time showing the boys what bait to use and how to fish.

Mark and Jason helping the man to pack away his fishing equipment. He gave them lots of advice and some different bait to try.

He also let them use his landing net.

Jason with a grass carp.

Mark with a glass carp.


It was very hot for the 2 days that we spent here so not ideal for fishing but they did catch a few. It's primarily bass fishing and most of the other fishermen had boats, canoes or remote control model bait boats.




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On our way back to Richmond we stopped at Rawdens for lunch to celebrate an excellent trip.