Kruger National Park, South Africa 2014 - 2B Predators.


As well as the lone male lion spotted in the distance by Mark we saw a pride of 7 lions and, on the sunset drive, a lone lioness hunting impala.

We first saw the pride during the early afternoon on an overcast day. They wandered across and then alongside the road, sometimes stopping to rest. The young males were playful, on a couple of occasions one would hide behind a bush and then jump out on the others.

On the sunset drive we saw the same pride lying at the side of the road.

Very tiring all this lying around!

One of the pride lionesses.

The lone lioness we saw on the sunset drive.


We were lucky enough to see leopard on 3 occasions, each time walking across or near the road. A few minutes earlier or later and we'd have missed them!

2 of the leopards that we saw crossed the road in front of us. Both turned to look at us before disappearing into the bush.

We saw this leopard kill but never managed to see the leopard.


At Satara campsite we saw hyena on the other side of the fence each evening. Near Skukuza we spotted a group of 7 hyena. This is 4 of them 'on patrol'.

One of the group of 7 hyena near Skukuza.

A lone hyena which picked up a bone and crossed the road in front of us.

Wild Dog.

On our final morning, on our way out of the park, the twins said that they'd seen just about everything they'd wanted to apart from wild dog. 10 minutes later we came across a group of about 7 wild dog lying up near the road!

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