2C. Kruger National Park, South Africa 2014 -2C Dams and Hides.

Kevin and I always enjoy sitting near a dam or lake and watching the animals and birds. Jason and Mark were also happy to sit and watch and started to get more interested in the birdlife to be seen.

Sunset Dam, Lower Sabie.

There wasn't a lot of water in this dam but there were always hippo, crocodiles and birds around.

A croc approaching a yellow-billed stork which totally ignored it.


Giant kingfisher.

Yellow-billed kite.

Yellow-billed stork.

Nthandanyathi Bird Hide.

This is a small hide near a gravel road between Lower Sabie and Crocodile Bridge.

We saw impala, waterbuck and warthog at this small hide.

A black-winged stilt.

Lake Panic Bird Hide, Skukuza.

There were plenty of birds near the hide plus hippo in the deeper water.

Squacco heron.

Grey heron.

Black crake.

Water monitor.




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2c. Kruger. Dams and Hides.

2d Kruger. Other animals and birds.


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This crocodile tried to sneak up on the Squacco heron but was noticed. The Egyptian geese and blacksmith lapwings then started 'shouting' at the croc.