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KwaZulu-Natal, April to July 2015 - Chelmsford Dam

We've had 3 trips to Chelmsford dam this year, each time taking Mark & Jason for the fishing.

Mark paddling back to shore in the early morning after taking out his line/bait.

The 24 sites at the Sandford campsite as all along the edge of the dam. This photo was taken over the Easter weekend so the grass was green after the summer rains and the leaves were on the trees.

Our third trip was during the July school holidays and, apart from 1 night, we were the only people at the Sandford campsite. Brown grass (after no rain for a few months) and no leaves on the trees.

The paddle ski that we take so that the boys can take their lines out a lot further.

Jason paddling back to shore on a beautifully calm morning.

In July we could see lots of fishing tackle caught up in the tree branches. Jason is in the tree shaking the leaves with Mark below.

Jason using the net to collect a fish that Mark caught.

And now for some fish!!

Mark with the largest barbel that he caught.

Jason caught 2 scalies with 1 rod.

Mark & Jason with common carp caught at Easter.

Jason & Mark with glass carp caught in July. Not as many fish about as it was winter but they still caught plenty of fish.

Jason and Mark have been teaching me to fish. I can now bait my line, throw it our reasonably far and straight and I've managed to land a few fish.

Kevin refuses to fish but did land a fish at Easter.

Chelmsford is a Nature Reserve with zebra, wildebeest, springbok and oribi. These zebra were right next to the campsite as the sun set.


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There are some fishing cabins at Chelmsford. This is one of them

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