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KwaZulu-Natal, April to July 2015 - Splashy Fen Music Festival


Our freind Paula, who is an avid music fan and has been to lots of the Splashy Fen Music Fetivals, persuaded us to go along. We had a great time.

All but 1 of our group from Richmond:
Henry, Ian, Paula, Geoff, Kevin and me. (Sean was still asleep!)

Splashy Fens is in a beautiful location in the foothills of the Drakensberg mountains. Paula, Sean, Kevin and I arrived the day before the festival started and camped in Paula's favourite spot - this was the view from our camp.

Paula and Sean setting up camp.

Kevin relaxing!

There were several large tents set up for music. The music in the main tent wasn't to our taste - very loud and too much 'doof doof' bass, but all the youngsters enjoyed it

The music that we enjoyed was in the Sedgewicks tent.

We got on really well with our friends and had a jawl.





On Saturday morning lots of people wandered down to the river - some brave souls paddled or even swam in the cold water.

The river below our campsite got busy on Saturday.

We walked down into the valley and stopped to watch the antics of revellers in the river.


Late Saturday afternoon the sky darkened and we then had some heavy rain.

Henry had the forethought to bring an umbrella!

We tried to save the fire from the rain...


1. Splashy Fen Music Festival. 4 days of music in the Drakensberg foothills

2. Chelmsford Dam. 3 trips to the dam taking the twins fishing.

3. Cars in the Park. Cars of all ages, bikes and more.

4. Clansthal, KZN South Coast. A long weekend by the sea.

5. Art in the Park. A 5 day display of South African artists.

6. Comrades Marathon. The oldest ultra-marathon in the world.

7. Creighton Aloe Festival. A trip on a steam train through beautiful countryside.

8. Richmond. Local events and improvements to our house.

Back at the Coach House on Sunday evening.

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