Eastern Cape 2009 - Mount Currie Nature Reserve

This reserve is actually in KwaZulu-Natal and not the Eastern Cape but we spent our first 2 nights here. We walked to the top of the mountain (route shown in orange) which took us 3 hours, then it took us a couple of hours to get back down again. We were both glad that we'd managed to make it to the top but, not having done much walking lately, were worn out when we got back to the campsite.

The campsite is amongst the trees next to the lake. Part of the town of Kokstad is on the extreme left.

Once we got higher up we encountered lots of wild flowers, including ones like agapanthus and red hot pokers that, in the UK, are garden plants. We saw several groups of blesbok and a small herd of zebras grazing on the lower hills.

There were half a dozen zebra who were obviously used to people, and seemed to enjoy the short, cut grass at the campsite.

Mount Currie Nature Reserve
Mountain Zebra National Park
Addo Elephant National Park
Diary - Word document

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