UK. May to September 2018. New Forest Folk Festival.

Paul & Jella are avid music fans and like to go to a few festivals. Last year they really enjoyed The New Forest Folk Festival so this year we decided to go with them. They went in their Winnebago and we went in our camper. We were joined by Ulpha friends Jeff and Lilian and also by Paul's brother. The weather was fantastic (too hot if anything) and the music and company were great so a good time was had by all over the 4 days of music.

On the first day we all sat near the front of the field, however we later decamped to sit under the only tree in the field - where we managed to find places to sit most days!

It was great going with Paul and Jella as they knew several of the artists who were performing, as they had played at their Music in Ulpha folk evenings, and often stayed overnight with them. The alsoknew the compere John Betts, who we'd met at Woodend when he was staying there.

TRADarr. We later met Marion Fleetwood when she stayed at Woodend and performed with Gerry Colvin at Music in Ulpha in September.

The Gerry Colvin Band.

There was a 1 hour break each day in the afternoon so we used to return to Bertha (Paul's winnebago) where he would prepare a feast for us all.

Gracie is Jella's dog - she loves going to Festivals.

Feast of Fiddles.



Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

2. Woodend, Lake District.

3. Norfolk.

4. New Forest Folk Festival.


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Paul's winnebago - Bertha the Brave.