Kalahari 2009 - Kalahari, South Africa

We spent 5 nights at 3 different camps in the South African part of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. These camps were all fenced and had shops, restaurants, fuel etc. This was certainly very different from the Botswana part of the park. We saw more animals when we went out on drives but preferred our camp overlooking the Pan.

We saw lots of Gemsbok (or Orxy).

Sociable Weaver birds build communial nests - this is quite a small one. They keep adding grass to the nest until it eventually the branches give way under the wieght of the nest.



We saw 2 prides of lions doing what cats do best - resting!

We went on a sunset drive from Mata-Mata camp. We watched the sun go down over the dunes and then drove back to the camp in the dark with our driver/guide using a big spotlight to find animals. We saw several black-backed jackals, wild cats (they look just like our domestic tabby cats - but I wouldn't want to try picking one up! - bat eared foxes and cape foxes. We also spotted a leopard in the distance. At first we though it was a wild cat as it was lying down in the grass but then it got up and moved off and we could clearly see (through our binoculars) that it was much bigger and had spots. Unfortunately our flash wasn't working properly so the only photo we got was of the sunset.

Dad was in charge of the baby ostriches.

We watched these 2 from our camp at Mata-Mata.

We saw several birds of prey, including this goshawk which was enjoying a tasty meal.



We stopped at a picnic spot and a guy pointed out that there was something hanging underneath the truck. Kev had a look and discovered that the back bracket holding the second fuel tank has broken so he had to get under the truck to remove the bracket and then put a strap around the tank . Fortunately there was a workshop at the next camp so we were able to get it fixed.


This ground squirrel at the camp liked crisps...

...and then needed a drink!

Kalahari, Botswana
Kalahari, South Africa
Kalahari, Namibia
Luderitz, Namibia
Fish RIver Canyon, Namibia
Augrabies Falls National Park, South Africa
The Big Hole, Kimberley, South Africa
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