St Helena 2009 - Boat Trip

We had a trip in the Krystal Klear, a glass bottomed boat and spent 3 hours looking at the fishes and some of the wrecks along the North of the island.

We started off in Jamestown Bay and could soon see lots of fishes in the clear sea water. We then moved around the point into Ruperts Bay which is where the fishing boats land their cargo, as a result there are plenty of fish in the bay.

Further West along the coast we saw a couple of wrecks both had been deliberately sunk quite recently because they were no longer viable. They make excellent places for the fishes to hide in (we saw loads of them) and are used by divers.

The wreck of the Papanui is in the bay outside Jamestown and part of the steering gearcan been seen from the wharf. We got a close up of it from the Krystal Klear.

The Papanui was a passenger steam liner that caught fire in 1911 on its way to Australia from the UK and was then deliberately sunk because of the fire once the passengers and crew were rescued.

Most of the cliffs are bare rock but there were a few places where water allowed plants to grow.

We all wore lifevests on the Krystal Klear. The remains of a prision used for some prisioners from Bahrein is on the cliffs.

There are ropes and helpers for getting on and off the boat - you have to time it just right as there's usually quite a swell.

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