St Helena 2009 - Napoleon

Napoleon was exiled to St Helena in 1815 after defeat at Waterloo and his subsequent surrender.

He spent his first 2 months on the island at The Briars Pavillion as a guest of the Balcombe family, while his permanent residence at Longwood was made habitable.

He just had one room with a veranda and garden outside with views overlooking Jamestown in the valley below. He ate his meals with the family in their part of the house.

The Briars Pavilion and Longwood House are now owned by and looked after by France.



Napoleon spent the rest of his time until his death in 1821 at Longwood House.

When he became ill a bed was put in the living room.

After he died 3 death masks were made, one is still at Longwood House next to the bed.

By all accounts Napoleon used to spend a lot of time in the bath - this is a replica of the one that he used.

He is said to have cut 2 holes in these shutters so that he could look out into the garden.

The gardens nowadays are much wilder than when Napoleon was there but the gazebo that he designed in a corner of the garden is still there as are the sunken paths in the gardens.

Napoleon’s grave. 

He was buried in a small valley a couple of miles from where he lived at Longwood House after he died in 1821 – he chose the site himself.  In 1840 his body was returned to France but the site of the grave on the island is still maintained.

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