St Helena 2009 - Exploring the Island

There are 2 roads out of Jamestown, this is the one that goes to the top of Ladder Hill. Over 90% of the roads on the island are single lane with passing places. The speed limit is 20mph in Jamestown and 30mph for the rest of the roads but as you hardly ever get out of 2nd or 3rd gear that's not a problem!

Once inland the scenery changes dramatically and barren rock is replaced by grassland and forests.

There were several villages around the island. Most of them had a small shop.

We stayed at the bottom house at Gumwoods for 2 1/2 weeks. It was very peaceful with some great views.

We did lots of walking and enjoyed some superb views .For more photos have a look at the Island Views page.

We bought a booklet with 20 Postbox Walks around the island.

At the end of each walk was a 'Postbox' with a book to write a comment in. Some of them also had a stamp so that you could mark the booklet.

This is the Postbox at Lot's Wife's Ponds.

Jan and Chrizette (who we met on the ship) gor married while on the island and invited us to the ceremony at Sandy Bay Baptist Chuch - an amazing location and a lovely ceremony.

There are lots of churches in Jamestown and around the island. We visited just a few of them.

St Pauls

St Matthews.

During the Ango-Boer War 6000 Boer prisioners were sent to St Helena and stayed at 2 camps on the island. Several died during an outbreak of typhoid and were buried in this cemetary. After the war a few Boers stayed on the island.

The schoosl follow the same National Curriculum as in the UK and there are Primary schools around the island but just one Secondary School inland at St Francis Plain where there's enough level land for the island's main playing field.

Plantation House is where the island governor lives. There are 5 giant tortoises in the garden. Jonathan is the largest one and is said to be about 170 years old. He was brought to the island in 1882 from the Seychelles.

Malcolm found the island ridges excellent for flying his model gliders.

Donkey power is still used on the island. This one is carrying thorntree branches which are used for animal fodder.

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