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St Helena 2009.

We drove down to Cape Town and left the truck at Rob's house and then boarded the RMS (Royal Mail Ship) St Helena. It took 7 days to get to the island, stopping off at Walvis Bay in Namibia on the way. We spent 3 1/2 weeks on St Helena before taking the ship back to Cape Town.

St Helena is a tiny island (10.5 miles long and 6.5 miles wide) in the South Atlantic, probably best known for being the place where Napoleon was exiled to after the Battle of Waterloo.

The island has no airstrip so everything is transported on the RMS St Helena which makes about 15 trips to the island each year. One or two of the voyages are to and from the UK, the rest are from Cape Town.

Approximately 4000 people live on St Helena. The St Helenians (or 'Saints') are very friendy and everyone said 'hello' as we passed them in the street.


Voyages between Cape Town and St Helena
St Helena - exploring the island
St Helena - Jamestown
St Helena - forts and defences
St Helena's Day
St Helena - boat trip
St Helena - Napoleon
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Diary - Word document.