Northern Cape, South Africa 2009 - Calvinia, Namaqualand

We camped for a couple of nights at a farm, Matjiesfontein, about 30km to the West of Calvinia. We were encouraged to explore the flowers on the farm. After the barren Karoo it was wonderful to see so many flowers (although not as good as some years due to the cold weather).

Near the campsite was a dam and weaver birds were busy building their nests in the reeds. The nest on the right is complete but that on the left has only just been started.

It's amazing to watch the male birds creating these nests, using their beaks to weave the material into beautiful nests.


Aa well as looking at the flowers we enjoyed the views around the farm.

One evening the farmer took us out to see some flowers that only came out late in the afternoon.

The flowers in the evening (they have a lovely scent)...

We were the only campers at the farm - cold at night but lovely during the day.

.... during the day they look quite different.

The farmer showed us one of the original farm building which he's restored.

We were able to get a close look at one of the windpumps on the farm.

1. Karoo
2. Calvinia, Namaqualand
3. Springbok, Namqualand
4. Richtersveld National Park
4. Richtersveld - birds

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