Northern Cape, South Africa 2009 - Springbok, Namaqualand

Our drive up to Springbok was rather disappointing as it was overcast and so there wern't many flowers on view, however the next day was beautiful so we visited the nearby Geogab Nature Reserve. There's a 'tourist route' which only covers a small part of the reserve but there are also lots of 4x4 trails so we paid the extra R90 and spent 5 hours exploring the reserve.

Sometimes it's the mass of flowers that catches the eye but at other times the small, individual flowers are the attraction.

Quiver trees are a feature of the area.

Most of the 4x4 routes were straightforward but there were challenging sections.

The animals in the reserve included gemsbok (or oryx), ostrich and sprinbok.


We'd bought another cast iron pot for making bread (Kev got a couple of recipies from the Internet). This was our first attempt at 'beer bread' and it worked really well - very easy to prepare ad only an hour so so before it was ready.

The first evening at Springbok. During the day it had been cloudy but in the late afternoon it started to clear and the changing cloud cover gave some interesting sunset shots.

We visited the mine museum at Nababeep which was very interesting.

The whole village was covered in these yellow daisies.

1. Karoo
2. Calvinia, Namaqualand
3. Springbok, Namqualand
4. Richtersveld National Park
4. Richtersveld - birds

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