Namibia 2009 - Caprivi

The Caprivi is a narrow strip of land between Angola and Botswana and is very different from the rest of Namibia as there's lots of water!

The main tar road is long, straight and very boring to drive along....

... so we took some alternative gravel roads which passed through the villages.


Our first stop was at Popa Falls. We visited the 'Falls' (just a set of rapids really) last year but this time stayed at the campsite next to the river.

Last time we were taken round the 'Falls' by a guide but now were able to wander around by ourselves.

Kingfishers were attracted to the water near our camp.

The Giant Kingfisher below, can be up to 45cm long, and would sit on a branch for ages on the lookout for fish in the stream.


Our next stop was at the Bum Hill camp next to the Kwando River. A wooden platform built into the trees, with a great view of the river, was part of the camp site.

Kevin on the platform....

... can you still see the platform?

We decided not to bother with the tent and just sleep on the platform, but did use our mosquito net. During the night we heard lots of hippos snorting nearby but felt quite safe on the platform.

There were good views of the birdlife from the platform. These are Whiterumped Babblers.

In the 10 weeks that we were away we only used our gas cooker twice (to boil water in the morning). The rest of the time we cooked over an open fire using wood and / or charcoal.

Kevin tending to the fire, day....

... and night.

I got up early to catch the sunrise.

We took a cruise along the Kwando River from Namushasha Lodge. As well as looking out for birds and animals our guide, David, showed us some of the ways in wich the local people use the waterlilies (flowers, stems and roots).

African jacana.

Pied kingfisher.

We didn't get too close to this pod of hippos.

3 elephants came down for a drink.

Our final stop in Namibia was at Island View lodge (we'd stayed here last year as well) where we could see youngsters fishing and playing in the Zambezi River on the opposite bank - in Angola.

1. Namib-Naukluft National Park - south
2. Windhoek, Walvis Bay and Swapokmund
3. Namib-Naucluft National Park - north
4. Skeleton Coast
5. Southern Damaraland
6. Northern Damaraland
7. Kaokoland
8. Etosha National Park
9. Waterberg
10. Caprivi
11. back to Richmond via Botswana
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