Namibia 2009 - Namib-Nauksluft (North)

Between Windhoek and Walvis Bay we stopped at a couple of lovely campsites on the edge of the Namib-Naucluft area.

The site at Namibgrens had several camping areas spaced well apart and each had a shaded section with a large braai area outside.

Staying a couple of days. we had a drive around the farm and then did a hike following white dassie markers on the rocks - very necessary as the path wasn't very clear.

There's a white dassie marker on the rock, top left.

There were several colourful rock agamas around.

The view from the top of the Spreetshoote Pass looking West.

... and the view from our campsite at our next stop, Rostock Ritz.

The sites have shaded areas with a braai and also a boma above the campsite with a large seating area and braai - this is where we ended up sleeping - with a fantastic view of the stars.

We just had to have a swim in the infinity pool which was at the main lodge, about 4km from the campsite. Later we had a great meal in the restaurant.

The next day we crossed the mainly dry Kuiseb River, although we did see a few pools of water from this viewpoint.

After leaving Walvis Bay we spent 2 nights in the Namib-Naucluft Park. The western part was true desert and very rocky - this view is of an area known as 'moon landscape.'

Passing these old tracks from an armoured vehicle was a reminder of the first world war, after South Africa invaded what was then South West Africa and under German control. This must have been a really remote outpost of the British Empire in those days.

These Welwitchia trees are able to grow in the desert - they get moisture from the mist that blows in from the sea. This one is said to be 1500 years old - it's about 1m tall,

Our first night was at this site under a shady tree. We were the only people at the site.

The second night was near this rock arch.

The view from the rock arch site - much more grass in evidence once we'd travelled further east ...

... and also more animals. Sprinbok.



Several drilling rigs were working in the Park and there were signs in some places indicating Uranium Mines. We also passed somel large trucks which must have been connected with the mine workings.

These graders are a common sight on Namibian gravel roads. The grader is responsible for a section of road and has a 'caravan' which he parks up by the roadside or pulls behind the grader. Without these vehicles the roads become very corrugated and difficult to drive on.

1. Namib-Naukluft National Park - south
2. Windhoek, Walvis Bay and Swapokmund
3. Namib-Naucluft National Park - north
4. Skeleton Coast
5. Southern Damaraland
6. Northern Damaraland
7. Kaokoland
8. Etosha National Park
9. Waterberg
10. Caprivi
11. back to Richmond via Botswana
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