Namibia 2009 - Waterberg

The Waterberg Plateau is south of Etosha and another Namibian Wildlife Resort. It has permanet springs along the base of the Plateau so has a lot more vegetation than the surrounding area.

We stopped at the campsite and the base of the Plateau and, one morning, walked to the top.

Most of the path was easy to follow but there were a few fallen trees to negociate

Three quarters of the way up we reached the bottom of steep cliffs and at first there seemed no way up but a bit further along there was a single steep, rocky gully to scramble up (and down on the way back).


During our travels in Northern Namibia we've seen lots of termite mounds. This one was by no means the tallest!

There were lots of birds around the campsite. This Purple Roller was often around, perched on a high branch on the lookout for insects.


A crimsonbreasted Shrike looking for insects on the ground.

This pair of DIk-dik enjoyed nibbling at the well-watered grass at the campsite.


While at Waterberg I read in a magazine about the Africat Foundation which rescues and release / relocates cheetahs and leopards and discovered that it was less than 2 hours drive away so I rang up and booked us in at their campsite for a night.

To date they have rescued more than 900 cheetahs and leopards and over 85% have been released back into the wild.

We had a large site to ourselves (and sole use of the pool as well!).

Shower with a vewi!

The campsite fee included a drive to (hopefully) see cheetahs and leopards and to learn more about the Africat Foundation. They only allow guests to see the cats that cannot be released as they don't want the ones that are being rehabilitated, to living in the wild, to get too familiar with people or vehicles.

Wahoo is a 14 year old leopard who was hand-reared. They tried to rehabilitate him but found that, as he was not afraid of people, he was too dangerous to release so he has his own 15 hectare enclosure. There's a hide overlooking his enclosure and as we were there when he was fed we got some great shots.

The cheetahs were more difficult to find. We drove around 1 enclosure which had 3 cheetahs but didn't spot any of them so went into a second enclosure and were lucky enough to see one of them. Although it was only a few metres from the truck when it lay down in the grass it was so well camouflagued that it's not surprising that they're very difficult to see.

There are plenty of other animals and birds around the farm.



I got up early the following morning to catch the sunrise.

1. Namib-Naukluft National Park - south
2. Windhoek, Walvis Bay and Swapokmund
3. Namib-Naucluft National Park - north
4. Skeleton Coast
5. Southern Damaraland
6. Northern Damaraland
7. Kaokoland
8. Etosha National Park
9. Waterberg
10. Caprivi
11. back to Richmond via Botswana
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