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Trips in Europe from 2008.


Nov 2019 - February 2020. Italy, Sicily and Sardinia. We meandered down through Italy for about 8 weeks then had 10 days in Sicily and a couple of weeks in Sardinia. We visited loads of interesting places - Pisa, Rome, Vesuvius, Pompeii, Etna, Ortigia and Alghero to name but a few. I'm currently creating these pages - hopefully they shoudl be finished by the end of March.

April 2019. Bruges. We (Kevin and I, my sister, Di and her husband, David) travelled by train from London to Bruges for a few days.

March 2019. France. We spent 5 weeks in France, 4 of them at the campsite in Bourg-St Maurice from where we took the funniculaire up to the Les Arcs ski area.

2017/2018. Northern Spain and Portugal.

March 2017. France. Skiing.

January 2017. Spain. East Coast, SE, Gibraltar, Seville.

December 2016. Brussels.

November & January 2016. France.

November 2010. UK, Holland and Belgium.






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