Our Hilux.

Current Vehicle

August 2013. We had considered buying another vehicle as the 2.5 litre hilux required lot of gear changing when going uphill and through sand but we'd decided against it. However, when we were driving through Pietermaritzburg I suggested calling in at Toyota which Kevin, rather reluctantly, agreed to. He saw this hilux and immediately said "shall we have it?"!!! With the current exchange rate we decided that we should go for it.

We bought a:

2012 Toyota Hilux extra cab
3 litre

We then had a few extras fitted by Neil Woolridge Motors in Pietermaritzburg.


auxiliary fuel tank
uprated suspension for ground clearance & load capacity
bull bars & winch
dual battery system
Aluminium canopy with side and back openings.
Dust proofing for the canopy.
Spare wheel mounted behind the back door.

Kevin then put in the drawer system and fridge slide.

Bull bars and winch on the front.

Rear bumper with spare wheel fitted.

Our Hilux.

Buying a vehicle.

A comparison of the camping setups that we've used.

Solar power.


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