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Mini-Cruise on the MSC Melody 2009

In January we went on a 5 day mini-cruise from Durban to Barra Lodge in Mozambique with Starlight Cruises . Pat & Colin, and Bob & Lesley also went.

The ship we went on is the MSC Melody which sails out of Durban between October and April.

We boarded the ship in Durban on Monday afternoon and were on our way soon after. We arrived just off the Mozambique coast at Barra Lodge on Tuesday evening. Wedneday was spent on the beach ar Barra Lodge and then we set sail back to Durban arriving on Friday morning.

We had a great time and are considering doing a similar cruise next year.

Part of the Durban coastline.

The football stadium that is being built in Durban for the 2010 Football World Cup.

One evening there was a Gala DInner (and also Pat's birthday) so we had to put on our best bib and tucker!!

The food and service were superb. In the evening there was a different menu every day with a possibility of 7 courses - I think the most that any of us managed was 5!


The beaches near Barra Lodge - before all the passengers arrived!!

The ship moored a couple of kilometres offshore so we were transported to the beach in small rubber zodiac boats.

There were 1500 passengers on the cruise so it had to be carefully organised.

The MSC Melody at anchor off-shore with 3 zodiacs on their way to the beach,


There were plenty of things going on during the day and in the evenings, talks, demonstrations, gambling (slot machines, blackjack, roulette, bingo), shows etc etc. You'll have to read the diary to find out what Kev was up to in the third picture!

Before we could enter Durban harbour the pilot had to be lowered by helicopeter onto the deck of the ship.

Kev on deck in Durban harbour on Friday morning while we were waiting to disembarque.


Part of Durban harbour - the pretty part with the leisure port on the right.

Diary (Word document)

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