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Botswana, October 2010.

We spent a month exploring some of the Parks in Botswana before meeting up with the Bhejane 4x4 group for a trip to Zambia.

The Botswana Parks are much quieter than the ones in South Africa as they have a policy of keeping the number of visitors low however they are much more expensive. The biggest problem for us is the fact that it is necessary to book and pay for the Parks in advance as they don't accept money at the gates or camps. To make matters worse several of the camps within the Parks have recently been privatized so within one Park 3 campsites might be operated by 3 different companies....Then once the campsite bookings have been made you have to pay the Park entrance fee to the Parks board.

We are however delighted that we made the effort as we had a great time.

Click on the map or the links underneath it.

1. Mabuasehube area of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

2. Masetleng Pan in the Kaa Concession.

3. Central Kalahari Game Reserve.

4. Moremi Game Reserve.

5. Savuti area of Chobe National Park.

6. Chobe National Park - Riverfront.

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