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Liuwa Plains, Zambia 2010.

Having read about Liuwa Plains in Drive Out magazine we decided that it was somewhere that we'd like to visit but realised that it wasn't possible to go on our own so we booked a trip with Bhejane 4x4 Adventures for 10 days from November 1st.

25 of us in 13 vehicles met the Bhejane team in Kasane - thanks to Ken for this photo.

The Bhejane team: Nick, Jo, Maake and Vick

Vick was the tour leader and did an excellent job.

Maake was the cook - the food was great throughout the trip.

Nick was in charge of logistics, getting the campsites organised etc.

Jo helped out where he was needed.

From Kasane in Northern Botswana we travelled to Katima Mulilo in Namibia and then crossed the border into Zambia. We followed the Zambezi RIver upstream for 2 1/2 days until we reached Liuwa Plains where we camped for 3 nights before returned to Kasane.

Our route:

1. Travelling from Kasane to Liuwa Plains.

2. Liuwa Plains.

3. Travelling from Liuwa Plains back to Kasane.

Diary (Word '97 document).


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