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Western Cape Part 2. January - March 2013.

We spent a couple of weeks in the Cederberg , followed by some time in the Cape Winelands before heading towards the West Coast and then visiting Wilderness and Knysna on the Garden Route.

We saw several people that we'd met previou sly on our travels and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them. Colin and Elsa in Cape Town were kind enough to put us up on a couple of occassions and made us feel very welcome. Pete and Carol in Knysna were also very hospitable and introduced us to several of their friends. We had a'catch-up' drink with Jo in Gordon's Bay and met Mike(quite by accident) at a fish retaurant in Knysna.


1. Cederberg.

2. Cape Winelands.

3. Cape Peninsula and West Coast.

4. Wilderness & Knysna, Garden Route.


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We met Jo at Barra in Mozambique and again when we visited Gordon's Bay. . She has a tour business in Gordon's Bay and has recently added a website for her business. Click below: