Indian Ocean Cruise 2010 - Maputo, Mozambique

We were able to watch our arrival in Maputo as we didn't dock until mid morning - the first time we'd had the opportunity of doing so as we'd arrived at the previous places in the early morning.

The pilot boat came alongside so that the pilot could climb aboard and direct the ship intothe harbour.

To the North we could see the lagoon protected by this long sandbank.

There were lots of fishing boats in the bay.

Closer to Maputo we could see the tall building of the CBD (Central Business District).

As we approached o the river mouth we could see Catembe on the left bank of the river. Nearly 2 years ago we'd taken the car ferry from Catembe to Maputo during our trip to Mozambique.

The ferry ... at Catembe.

The car ferry, waiting for us to pass, in Maputo.

Once we'd passed the ferry crossed over to Catembe.

We decided not to go ashore in Maputo as we were only there for half a day and we'd have had to pay US$50 for a visa. (Southern African citizens didn't need a visa).

At sea, on board the MSC SInfonia.



Ile St-Marie, Madagascar.

Fort Dauphin, Madagascar.

Maputo, Mozambique.


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