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Christmas 2009 - South Africa

We've stayed in Richmond for the past 2 Christmas's so this year we decided to travel, slowly, to Cape Town and meet up with some friends that we'd made on our travels. As the South African Summer holidays take place from early December to the middle of January we had to book campsites well in advance and planned to be in Cape Town after the school term had started.

Unfortunately we had to cut our trip short as we were having problems with the truck. It was getting very difficult to start in the mornings (unusual with a diesel) and it was using A LOT of oil so after 3 weeks (instead of the 6 weeks we'd hoped to have) we headed back to Richmond so that we could get the 4x4 garage that we use in Pietermaritzburg to have another look at it.

The route taken is shown on the map below.


1. Mountain Zebra National Park

2. Tsitsikamma National Park

3. Knysna

4. Swartberg Mountains

5. Bontebok National Park

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