Zambia 2011 - Botswana

Kokomori Birders' Lodge

On our way to Zambia we spent an evening at Kokomori Birders' Lodge (S23 03.913 E27 55.385), which is close to the South Africa/Botswana border - we've stayed here a couple of times previously. We had the place to ourselves and had a great view over the nearby dam which was visited by several birds.

Woodland kingfisher

Nata Bird Sanctuary

We then spent a night at Nata Bird Sanctuary in Botswana (S20 17.267 E26 18.012, which is a a community based project. After setting up camp we drove out to the hide overlooking Sua Pan, there was still a lot of water on the tracks - at this one I got out and waded across to test the depth and, more importantly, the firmness of the sand underneath. A couple of months later on our return to South Africa we once again visited the Pan but by this time there was no water on the tracks.

The main track through the Bird Sanctuary in March.

From the hide we had a great view over the Pan.

On our second visit to the Pan we saw plenty of flamingoes. The water level was lower than on our first visit but there were still plenty there.

In a few months time the Pan will be completely dry.

Senyati Safari Camp

Our next stop was at Senyati Safari Camp (S17 52.364 E25 14.140), not far from the Botswana/Zambia border. We've stayed here before and, once again, loved watching all the elephants coming down to drink the fresh water supplied at the waterhole.

After visiting Zambia and Malawi we returned to South Africa via Botswana and stayed at Chobe RIver Lodge for a night so that we could go on an afternoon river cruise.

This is the third cruise that we've done and, as previously, we saw plenty of animals - especially elephants - and birds.

White fronted bee-eater.

Yellowbilled stork.

Another wonderful Botswana sunset over the Zambezi.

This is the ferry that we took to cross the Zambezi from Botswana to Zambia.

Travelling to Malawi:

Botswana - Nata bird sanctuary & Senyati.

Victoria Falls from the Zambian side.

South Luangwa National Park.

Travelling back from northern Malawi:

Kapishya Hot Springs & Shiwa Ng'andu.

Mutinondo Wilderness Area and Kasanka National Park.

Diary (Word '97 document).

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