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Zambia 2011.

We were away for 10 weeks visiting Zambia and Malawi and covered just over 9000km. Our average fuel consumprion was 8.6km per litres (11.7 litres per 100km) which, considering we were fully laden, was pretty good.

From Richmond it took us 4 days to reach the Zambian border at Kazangula in northern Botswana. We spent some time in Livingstone, visiting Victoria Falls, and then drove to South Luangwa National Park in eastern Zambia which is near the Malawi border. Then we crossed into Malawi and spent 6 weeks exploring the country before crossing back into Zambia in the far north of Malawi. We then travelled down the Great North Road back to Livingstone and returned to South Africa via Botswana.

Victoria Falls Kapishya Hot Springs & Shiwa Ng'andu Mutinondo Wilderness & Kasanka N.P. South Luangwa

Travelling to Malawi:

Botswana - Nata bird sanctuary & Senyati.

Victoria Falls from the Zambian side.

South Luangwa National Park.

Travelling back from northern Malawi:

Kapishya Hot Springs & Shiwa Ng'andu.

Mutinondo Wilderness Area and Kasanka National Park.

Diary (Word document).

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