Lowveld, Northern South Africa. January 2012 - Satara, Kruger National Park

From Moholoholo we drove to Hoedspruit and discovered that the floods had washed away most of the bridge over this river. We saw another car ignore the no entry signs and go around the bollards so we followed!

On our second day at Satara we moved to a site next to the fence and each evening saw several hyena patrolling the fence.

There are notices telling people not to throw bones over the fence but I suppose that some people must do that or they wouldn't bother walking up and down all evening.

Our best sighting was of a leopard in a tree late one afternoon. After a while it got up, stretched, climbed down the tree and ambled off into the bush.

This Diderik's cuckoo was often in the trees around our campsite and was very vocal.

The floods had affected parts of the Park. The bridge to Balule camp had been washed away.

A large herd of buffalo at Nsemani Dam.

A tree monitor in a tree at our campsite. It wasn't a bit bothered by us so I was able to get some close-up shots.

1a. Animal Tracks & Signs Course at Moholoholo Mountain View.

1b. Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre

2. Satara, Kruger National Park.

Diary. (Word '97 document).


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