Mozambique, June 2012 - Gorongosa National Park

During the civil war in the 1960 the game in all the Mozambique Parks was decimated due to poaching and many of the Parks are only now starting to recover. Over the past few years Gorongosa has benefited from aid from the American Carr Foundation. Animals have been re-introduced and the accommodation has been rebuilt.

Much of the Park is thick bush (almost jungle like in some places) but in the NW there are some open plains. We saw hundreds of waterbuck here as well as groups of impala, reedbuck and oribi.

The facilities at the lodge are excellent with a bar, restaurant, pool and free wi-fi internet access but the location of the camp is rather disappointing as there's no view of any animals and we didn't see many birds near the campsite but you still have to pay daily rates of $20 per person to stay there (in addition to campsite fees). To see any animals you have to drive out into the Park ($45 per vehicle for 24 hours).

We were only able to drive around the Western half of the Park as the Eastern section was still too wet.

Several of the tracks were still very muddy.

There were lots of pools with water.

We saw loads of warthogs. This guy had the largest tusks.

We were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a couple of otters.

We did see plenty of birds in the Park, particularly around the open plains area.

Lilac breasted roller.

Saddlebilled stork.

These sable antelope ran across the track in front of us and soon disappeared into the bush.

We saw lots of oribi. This one lay quite still as we drove by.


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