Our campsite in Khwai with 3 elephants behind us.
Botswana.  Central Kalahari, Moremi and Khwai.   August - September 2021.

When we arrived back in South Africa in December 2021 Kevin only got a 3 month visitor's visa as his Temporary Resident's Visa had expired. He immediately applied for another 4 year Visa in early December. In the past this has always been granted within 10 to 12 weeks but this time he didn't get it until July 2021. In theory his Visitor's Visa had been extended but with no paperwork to back it up we didn't want to risk crossing the border out of South Africa.

Once he'd got the Visa in his passport we were finally able to start planning a trip to Botswana. 

 I decided that we'd start by spending some time in the Central Kalahari but before I started making any bookings I saw, on the BushLapa Facebook page, that a couple who had booked a trip with Kwando Adventures couldn't make it and so we decided to take their place.

I didn't make any further bookings as I decided that, after the Central Kalahari, we could head to Maun and decided where to go next.  

1.  Central Kalahari.  We travelled with 5 other couples from the South African/Botswana border to Ghanzi and then into the Central Kalahari.

2.  Maun.  We spent several days in Maun while organising our trip to Moremi and Khwai.  One morning we took a flight over the Okavango Delta.  

3a. Moremi Game Reserve.  We spent 2 nights at South Gate Camp and visited the Black Pools area.

3b Moremi Game Reserve.  Third Bridge. 

4.  Khwai Development Trust.  We spent 3 nights at Magotho campsite which is close to the Khwai  River.    

A map showing our route through Botswana.

Last updated: December 2021