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Trips in England & Scotland  2016 - 2019

More recent trips ( indicated by a *) are in new, responsive pages which adapt to the screen size of the device. Other trips are still in the old format with a menu on the left and a coloured background and look the same on all devices. All trips before 2013 still have the old menu and the only links that work are the Home page and the Campsites Page.

2019 *

Clapham village, Yorkshire Dales.

  Yorkshire Dales, Bucks & Northants and Dumfries & Galloway.

England 2018 *

North Norfolk beach wak

 Toddington, Norfolk, Woodend (Cumbria) & the New Forest Folk Festival.

England 2017

Bamburg castle, Northumberland

 Burston Hill, Norfolk, Carnforth, Woodend (Cumbria) and Northumberland.

Scotland 2017

Lybster harbour, West coast of Scotland.

 We spent 6 weeks in Scotland, much of it along the North Coast 500 route     


Our van.

 We bought our van in October and had a few trips getting used to it.










Last updated: November 2020